Our Story

was created, in part, to celebrate the most majestic of all birds. Encountering owls in the wild has always been a thrill for us - just as these birds have created mystery, awe, and reverence through history for countless people.  With Ironic Owl, we're not taking things too seriously regarding some of the myths and lore of old in which owls were sometimes feared as harbingers of doom and even death. 

Our mandate is focused on the more benevolent legends of these birds including their wise nature and powerful eyesight - two traits all of us could use more of in our modern times. 

We design all of our apparel in-house with designs intended to delight, amuse, or even impart a bit of mystery in the eyes of the beholder.  Increasingly, T Shirts & Apparel are fleeting objects in people's lives. Our vision is to create lasting apparel items that stand the test of time and multiple washings. We use eco-friendly, soft water-based inks and the best cotton fabrics for our shirts and strive to keep prices affordable by cutting out wholesalers and middle men by marketing directly to our customers via this website.