The Only Doughnuts You'll Need In Portland

Take it from someone who actually created a doughnut shop locator app, Blue Star Donuts, in Portland, Oregon just may have the best damn donuts available today in the USA. On our recent trip to Portland we visited their original flagship store downtown - although apparently they will soon be moving to a new massive HQ just around the corner.

Blue Star are famously known for their lighter, brioche dough and gourmet flavors featuring quality ingredients including a crème brûléed, Cointreau-filled doughnut. If you visit Portland you'll undoubtedly see their stark white boxes festooned with a blue star being toted around town by locals and tourists alike. 

Pro Tip: Avoid the long lines at garish Voodoo Doughnuts and make your way to one of seven Blue Star locations in and around Portland; including PDX.