A Refreshed Desk Set-Up = Success

As I turned the corner this year into 2018, I decided my desk set-up needed a serious refresh. Yes, this is one of those trending desk set-up posts -- sorry. If you're still with me I'll expand a bit on what needed to be done and how I got there.

I had been using a makeshift side table after losing my huge, up-cycled French Country dining table in our move to Colorado. Constantly looking for extra room to lay out books, notepads, cameras and general ephemera is not good for productivity or sanity. Following a bit of research on several sites and blogs including Marco's and Jeff's, it was on to Ikea! 

What I decided on was the Bekant, the sit-only model, spanning over five feet. I also purchased their capita stainless steel legs (4) and one of their simple wood plank shelf pieces. These two items cost less than $30 and provided me with a perfect monitor shelf to free up even more desk space and to provide an optimal viewing angle.

Results so far with the new desk set-up? Three new iOS Sticker Pack Apps have been shipped to the App Store and now after much planning Ironic Owl has taken flight.

A work space configured for success should also include touchstones that inspire productivity and inspiration. In my case, I've got my most treasured books just to the right of the desk, my current turntable and vinyl set up, a non-working vintage Polaroid SX-70, an old Chateau Pontet Canet wooden wine crate from a visit to the vineyard back in 2007, and a vintage 1963 industrial desk lamp I picked up in Ann Arbor several years ago.

Never underestimate the power of a clean work space.